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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"You need a paint job man"

Today has been crazy. Work was non stop, and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed! I came home to a smiling made everything else better!  But, it's time to get down to business! While Chris was home today he was able to bake two sheets cakes that would eventually become Lightning McQueen. Once we got greetings out of the way we started carving McQueen. Just then Chris had a thought...which we all know can be scary at times. When we got married someone gave us an electric knife for carving turkey. How silly we thought, newly weds don't eat turkey unless it comes in a container and costs less than $3.00 and we have a coupon. So, it's been in a box in our attic becaue we knew we might use it one day when we have Thanksgiving at our house. Well, my genius husband figured if it could carve meat it could carve cake. And right he was! It worked like a charm. Why haven't we thought of this before?! So, anyways, now McQueen has shaped up but now he needs a paint job...just call me Ramone because I'm on it!

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