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Friday, September 18, 2009

Life is a Highway

Lightning McQueen has been quite a challenge. There is so much detail that goes into that character...WOW. First we started with two sheet cakes. Then we started carving. I again had to use my nephew's assistance. I borrowed his Lightning McQueen. Throughout carving the cake, all Griffin kept saying was, "What you doing Mommy? Why you cutting like that? Can I play with McQueen?" My respsonses were "I'm carving a cake. Because we want it to look like McQueen. No I need McQueen." To which the whole thing started over. Once we finished carving, we did a layer of butter cream. Then we colored our fondant and covered McQueen with a nice red coat. Then it was time for details. Lightning bolts, 95, Rusteze, windows, eyes...wheels. All the details came together. And here it is...

1 comment:

  1. Katie...this cake is perfect. Cody saw it and hollered out "Car, Car" he hasn;t quite got McQueen but we'll get it soon :)