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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Is it just me, or is this hardest month to spell?

Sound it out, as long as you say it right. February, really? Who says it right? I know I don't, I'm country. "Febyouwary". I really don't like this month, and here's why; Valentines Day!! I know, I'm a crappy husband but I seriously don't like this day! Why is it ok for someone to tell me when to express my love for my wife? Are there women out there that only need to hear " I love you" once a year? I hope not. I remind my wife all the time that she is the most important woman to ever walk the earth, or atleast to me. Mary, the mother of Jesus? yep. She's got nothing on my BakerWife. Mary might have delivered and nursed our Lord and Savior, but she didn't live with me. That's a miracle in and of itself! I am hands down, the most difficult person in the world and she just strives right along. Champ material, I tell you. I will remind my wife that I care for her, and that I can't do this alone, but I will not buy her flowers or a card. I will teach our children to shower mommy with gifts and cards randomly from time to time, but not this day. I want to kick cupid in the junk, not for making me meet my wife (like he had anything to do with that) but for being an adult in a diaper and shooting people. Love isn't random people!
Sorry about my venting, but if I can't talk to you guys, then who can I talk to?
We have a lot of things going on this month. We have some serious cakes to make, like difficult serious, and we never tell ahead of time so DON' ASK! BakerWife made a brief mini paragraph about out trip to Haiti, but I want you to all know what is going on!
We are going to Haiti Feb 27-March 4. It's not the worlds longest trip by any means, but I guarantee that we will be busy those 6 days! We are going as a Medical team, and a support team. I am going as a Medic, and will be going into the medical side of the island to do what I can! Katie will be at an orphanage, trying to figure out how to successfully smuggle children out of the country. She has a big heart like that, and she will cry tons. She's what you might call "emotional". She cries at comercials, like boo hoo's. It's quite funny actually. I've heard that the first team that went down there, delivered babies all day! Woo Hoo! I've also heard that people are amputating with hacksaws. HACKSAWS! The don't even medicate these people, just give them some headphones, and a stick to bite and go to work. CRAZY! This blog isn't our religious blog, its our cake blog, so I will keep it short. JESUS ROCKS! He has a mighty work to do to the people of Haiti, and BakerWife and I are blessed to be a part of it. Can't wait!