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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Where have we been...right here!

I know this is late. Some of you think we've given up on this blog like our other one. That is not the case. We have just been busy...unable to update the blog. I tell myself that some of you wait for this to post. I wish that was I will continue to make myself feel good, and pretend I have fans. So, now having said that, if you follow us on facebook you know our latest cakes were the Pumpkin cake and the Where the Wild Things Are cake. Here is the pumpkin cake-

This cake was for our niece Logan...thus the vine spells Logan, some people noticed and some people didn't. That's what I was hoping for :) Now to make this cake we baked two cakes, one chocolate and one vanilla. We baked them in a bowl that was oven safe. Once we baked the two cakes, we let them cool. Then, stacked them on top of each other like you would if you were using the Wilton ball cake pan. Then we iced it with a buttercream icing. We let the icing crust over for about 15 minutes. Then used a cornstarch confectioners sugar mix on our hands to press the lines into the cake, giving it the pumpkin look. Then we made the stem out of a dark brown and a light brown fondant swirled together. I doubted Baker Man on this, but he was right. I thoughted it turned out great...very whimsical....then we added the vines. Then after the cake was cut and served up...since the birthday party was on Halloween, it was only appropriate to turn it into a Jack-O-Lantern.

We also had another cake last weekend. When we were first asked to do this cake, we weren't sure it would be possible. Where the Wild Things Are. I keep having to ask Baker Man whether it's Where the Wild Things Go or Are. He corrects me every time. It's ARE WOMAN! Ok, ok, I get it. Gamebox, XCube, Playtendo. All the same to me :) So, we did some research, and found some ideas. And Baker Man executed beautifully, with help from his Cake Lady of course ;) So, the finished product...

Now, that's what we did last weekend. Recently, my sister got me addicted to Bakerella. She makes these things she invented called "Cake Pops." We have been dying to try these, and since I like to use the people I work with as my guinea pigs...we did. Although, they were someone elses idea, so we felt the need to put our own spin on them. They are a work in progress but, here they are. Chocolate cake strawberries on top of a chocolate cake...

I hope this was as fun for the three of you as it was for me. Until next time. Cake Lady out.