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Monday, September 7, 2009

The Sweet Aroma

I'm off today for Labor Day, but Chris is working. Isn't that how it all seems to work? So anyway, it's my turn to bake. For once it's my turn to do the cooking. Although, I have eaten more cake than I'd like to admit lately, the smell is filling up the house and it's so so sweet. Now, I see why they tell you to bake cookies or something of the sort when you're trying to sell your house. The aroma that hits you when you walk in the house is irresistable. And a little distracting. Maybe people wouldn't notice the hand smudges going up the stairs if all they could think about is that cake. Anyways, on to another one of the five senses. We always like to check with whoever we did a cake for to make sure they were happy with how it looked and tasted. So, as you all know, the most recent cake we did was a Transformer cake. "How did the cake taste," Chris asked. "Oh Keegan loved it," replied Lantz."Keegan? I thought your son's name is Kolton?" questioned Chris. "Oh it is. Keegan is our dog." So, the story goes like this...Chris dropped the cake off around 8:30 am, and after that the family had to run to the grocery store. When they got back...their dog had eaten half the cake. They said the kids still ate it and enjoyed it, but...let me just say, I'm glad my dog was not the one that ate it!!! I'm cake is done!

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