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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Giddy Up

I can't remember when the last time was I updated...I'm thinking it's been a while. All...dry your eyes (if you weren't crying just splash some water on your face and play along) updates are here. We've been busy! As some of you may know, we have a little bitty kitchen, so anything bigger than my face takes over the kitchen, causes the house to fall apart and the kids to go buckwild. I almost think they know we're occupied so they get into things that they know they shouldn't. For example, my jewelry, Baker Man's hair goo, every blanket in the house magically appears on display (some I didn't even know we had), cushions come off the couch and the dog gets locked outside because Little Man decided Mayonaise (our black dog) needed to go potty and thought he would help. They both also know once that cake gets put in the car and leaves our site...the gloves come off. We frantically try to make it look like gorillas don't live here and then start over. It is the nature of life isn't it. Get it done...just to have to do it again. The rush of life, the thrill of the game, the adrenaline high (insert you're favorite analogy here)...isn't it great!
Anyways, the latest cakes...and some we missed:
Cowboy Cake

Monogram Cake

Transformer Cake with Bumble Bee, Optimus Prime and Prowl
(this one almost let to tears when something fell on it...before it was delivered)

So, there you have it...what we've done and what you missed. Stay tuned for more adventures from the Corner :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Busy Lives=no time to blog

So, in case you all didn't know, Baker Man and I went to Haiti on a mission trip with a disaster relief team from our church. Since disasters are never planned...neither was the mission trip. Baker Man went as a medical person (since he's a firefighter/paramedic...he was perfect for the job) I went as support and basically a runner. I was ready for it because before we left I felt like that's all I was doing. We had a birthday party for Little Man right before we left. All he kept saying he wanted was a cars cake. I told Baker Man I just didn't think we had time for an encore of Lightning McQueen, so I went and bought McQueen cupcake papers and made chocolate cupcakes and threw some icing on it. He loved it...but I felt like I deserved the worst mom of the year award. Anyways, with all that are the cakes we've done since the last post:
Slumber Party Cake
Baker Man did this one all on his own...Actually this is the second time he has done this cake. The first time he didn't take a picture because I was out of town with the camera. There was a little girl at the party that saw it and had to have it! The thing you might not realize about this cake is this...he asked for a description of all the girls that would be at the slumber party. Long hair/short hair, blonde/red/brown hair. The first one he did even had different skin tones. Just a little detail that might be overlooked.
Bustier Corset Cake
A friend called me and asked if we could do this cake for a bachelorette party she was throwing for a friend...apparently it is against Publix policy.

Circus Cake
This cake was for twins...Jame and Luke.

Smash cakes for the Birthday Boys

Princess Cake 

So, on another note besides cakes...Little Man starting complaining about his ears again. So, back to the Dr. we go. Little Girl wasn't acting herself either so we figured we'd get them both checked out to save on a trip. Well, Little Man had an ear infection and Little Girl had two. Little Man will be going to the ENT because of the ear infections and the fact that when he's sleeping sometimes he stops breathing. This may be what is causing him to wake up during the night. Little Girl will more than likely be heading that way...but the new Dr. is still waiting on our old Dr. to transfer their medical records...any day now.