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Thursday, September 23, 2010

I found "my precious"

Do people get it when I say "my precious"? It's from the Lord of the Ring or was it Harry Potter? Some how I get those confused. Regardless...

Does everyone have something that they want for no real reason other than you were completely smitten with it the moment you laid eyes on it? The only thing that is stopping you from purchasing this cannot live without thing is the ridiculous price tag. You even dream for a moment that your husband finds it in a thrift store and realizes that this is it, the thing, the precious, and it's in the Good Will store for two dollars. Then the moment fades and you're sitting in your living room, watching Grey's Anatomy, remembering the cotton top old lady that drove up next to you yesterday was nice enough to inform you that the hub cap that FLEW across the road causing the truck behind you to swerve was in fact yours. I will never be able to afford it, but this is my precious...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Second guessing...

As most of you know, I like a recipe. If something goes wrong, I have someone else to blame. It wasn't my recipe so obviously it's not going to be perfect :) Well, my sister is pretty much my Food Network Channel. She could whip up the best dinner out of elephant dung and it would put the Barefoot Contessa to shame. I envy her cooking mastermind. Brillance in fact. I clearly don't have the cooking confidence My Contessa has. Now, Baker Man and I have been in the world of couponing for quite some time. If you're not hooked like we are, you should be! Southern Savers has kept our pantry STOCKED! While it has changed our way of shopping, it has inevitably changed our way of cooking. Yesterday afternoon I sat gazing at a bag of black beans. At first I was trying to come up with something for dinner when my mind quickly drifted to how similar those black beans looked to the "coal" in the back of my son's Thomas the Train toy. I was quickly brought back to the bag of beans when Baker Man interupted my happy thoughts with asking me what's for dinner. Dinner...I loathe figuring out dinner. I would eat cereal every night of my existence if it weren't for my offspring. I could take the survival of the fittest approach but I'm affraid DFACS would be knocking at my door faster than I could say "what's for dinner?" Back to the pantry. Black beans and rice. My Puerto Rican bother-in-law would be so proud. Since I've never cooked any type of vegetable that wasn't canned I had to read the directions. And it's a good thing I had this idea at lunch time because who knew you had to soak those things for SOOOO long?! Now I wanted some Mexican rice but the only way I knew how to do that was with a Rice-A-Roni and we only had Uncle's what's on sale ;) I decided to be adventurous and make my own...from plain ol' white rice. A little bit of this spice, a little bit of that...follow the instructions on the bag for cookings and BAMB! Mexican Rice! As I stare in aw at my rice perched there on the stove in it's perfection...I glance over to my drab, insipid, boring black beans. Back to the shelves! Can of corn...diced tomatoes...a little sour cream...a few more spices...mix, mix, mix...throw down some flour tortillas in a caserole dish...layer with my marvelous mixture...another layer of tortillas...marvelous with cheese...bake...and my own version of Food Network. My three year old cleaned his plate! This never happens. Oh dear, what's that...a thought. Is it really that delectable or did I forget to feed my kids lunch? No, Baker Man has given me praise for my dish as well. And surely we both would not have forgotten to feed our little angels. I must call My Contessa! She would be so proud. I have created a dish from nothing. No recipe. Have I turned a new leaf? Probably not. But I can't wait to eat my leftovers!

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