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Saturday, September 12, 2009

What was I thinking?

What started as another "week off" turned into our busiest weekend yet. We had one cake to do for someone's first birthday and a cake to do for my mom which was going to be on display/served at her booth at the East Cobber Festival. So let me start at the begining of the week. Labor Day. I was off work and wanted to get something done. Since all cakes have to start with baking, I baked one part of my mom's cake (since at this time I didn't know I was going to have anything else to do). Then, that night we got a message on our facebook. Someone needed a cake for her son's first birthday. Of course! We will take all the business we can get. Not really thinking it was already Monday (since I wasn't working). My sister told me, you know you could say no. I know that I can...but I hardly ever do. So Tuesday, I got a few detail for the first birthday cake and Chris started baking some more. Wednesday baking the rest of my mom's cake, then since it was our anniversary, when I got off work, we went out to eat. Then Thursday, Chris was in "Diversity Training" and I was working...the kitchen is quiet. Thursday night we went to the Clemson v. Georgia Tech game (my present to Chris for our anniversary). Then, Friday morning, Chris got Lasik eye surgery at 11:00. We didn't get out of there until 3:00. Then, I got the rest of the details for the birthday cake (which is needed by Saturday-at this point that's tomorrow). So we rush home. Chris was instructed to sleep as much as possible. Right now...he says...just not possible. We've got two cakes to finish. So, we start baking a top layer for the birthday cake we didn't know we were going to need to do. Go to Walmart to get Chris' perscriptions for Lasik recovery and go to a dinner party. While we're there, Chris made a football for the top of the birthday cake. Then we try to get home, only...there's road construction. And we don't get home until 10:00 (I'm about to cry because I know how late I will be up). But Chris worked through the pain with me. And we got them done. So...he went to bed and I made some final touches...finally 2:00 AM and I get to see the back of my eyelids. I get up at 6:00 AM so that I can clean a little and we can deliver the birthday cake before Chris' post-opp appointment that is at 9:00. Taylor decided to wake up at 6:45 and I had to wake Griffin up at 7:15. Out the door by 8:00 delivered birthday to drop off my mom's cake to my sister just in case we are at the dr. for a long time. Stop by Chickfila to feed Griff breakfast and to the dr. by 9:15 (a little late but we made it). Done by 9:45...WOW, that was fast compared to yesterday's all day event (and all for a surgery that took 7 minutes). So, back to Kelli's house maybe I can make it there before she leaves. I could ride with her and leave Chris at her house to rest.---Driving driving driving---Nope, she's already gone...I peak through the window...Good, she got the cake. So, Chris is whooped, he has barely been able to rest. Call Kelli, "Where do I go?" Well, come to find out they closed the road off because of the parade. It's 10:15. I can either: A. Wait until 11:00 when the trolley starts shuttling people to the festival or B. Walk. Well, I know Griffin, we can either be miserable waiting because he gets bored like a cow makes milk, or we can get a move on and get miserable about half way...Get a move on! So we walk, a little over a mile. WOW, what was I thinking. I'll tell you what I was thinking, "I'm so glad I don't have a cake to carry!" Lucky for Kelli she got in before the road got closed. Then, we get to my mom's booth for The Jill Strap...what a cute cake she has there on display! But what did I forget?! My stinking business cards...there in my my purse...which I didn't want to a moron! So, we hang out for a while until they open the road. I decide I'm going to take my mom's car back to mine, get my cards and grab some lunch for everyone while I'm out. Half way to my car...I forgot my keys!!!! I never lock my car, but I did today and I knew it. I guess I'll just be getting lunch. Back to the festival. Kelli took Griffin back to her house and my mom needed a little break from her booth, so she road with Kelli back to my car so she could drive it and park close so I wouldn't have to walk with Taylor when I left...BRILLIANT! And I got my business cards...finally. By the end, I felt successful but sleepy. Time to go pick up Chris and Griffin, back to the house so the kids can get a nap. 4:00 we're home, kids are visiting "Nappy's House" and we're cooking dinner to take to another friend's house because we have another dinner date this evening. 5:30...wake the kids up, load the food, we're out the door. Have I mentioned that I have only had four hours of sleep. Well, if you missed it...I'm sleepy. So, we get home at about 9:00 and get the kids down...why do I insist on blogging right now? Because with how today went I'm likely to forget everything. are the cakes of the day:

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