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Monday, January 24, 2011

Where we've been

I have obviously been distracted from the world of blog. We have had a lot going on in our lives and to be totally honest...I have thought about this blog at least three times a week. But by the time the blog came to my mind it was generally after hours (which in the world of parenting means your brain is fried and you're 99% sure if you attempted to spell anything it would come out looking closer to some foreign language than your actual native tongue). In case some of you don't know, we are expecting baby #3. This has also officially knocked me onto my backside. I used to be the woman that "loved" being pregnant. Now when people ask how far along I am, I think to myself, "Not far enough." Here's how I see things: my son, whom I will call G-Money, stripped me of any genius attributes I once had. He sucked the very life out of my brain like the Brad Pitt character in Interview with the Vampire Slayer. My daughter, whom I will refer to as The Tot, took the little shred of good looks I may have had and claimed them as her own. This one (and no we don't know what it is yet, and yes we will find out because, really, what am I trying to prove?!) has completely annihilated me. I guess baby decided to finish me off. Now, let me tell you this, I have a very difficult time admitting that I can not do it all. So, when I was asked to go full time back to work, something had to give. I could no longer keep up with two-three cakes a week, work my two jobs, Baker Man work his two jobs, raise our kids, put dinner on the table and remember where my keys were. So, we have, unfortunately, had to cut back on the world of cakes. (I'm pretending as if all of you are heartbroken.) Dry your eyes and grab a tissue! We will still be doing cakes, but you might have to book us a little farther in advance than just a week. And we might actually start charging what these cakes are worth. There you have it. Our updates will start to be slow down but we will still have them! We do plan on coming back to the world of Cakes on the Corner FULL force come August/September. Yes, we have decided I will be quitting my job after baby #3 gets here and which will allow us to cake to your hearts desire. Notice I said your. We can not do this without followers. Because really...I can't eat all that cake! Anyways, thanks for listening and here's the latest :)
Three Tier Square wedding cake

Cow print cake with barn cake (the barn was removed and used as Waverly's "smash" cake)

Three Tier Fondant Wedding cake with peonies and silver ribbon.

Race Track Groom's cake - each car was for one of the Bride and Groom's nephews.

We took one of the cars and put "Just Married" on the back and made little cans out of fondant coming off the back.

Four tier Argyle wedding cake

The Groom's cake was a Saturn 5 Rocket Cake - Baker Man had to take the reigns on this one for two reasons: 1. I was scared but 2. I was pretending that it was because I was decorating the wedding cake. That's something else this baby has taken from confidence.
So there you have it. A few more cakes for you to tell ALL your friends about. Oh yes, and the winner of the drawing was funny actually because I drew Baker Man's name. Laughed that I would even count him as a follower and then drew again...WENDY!!!! You are the winner of the $15 iTunes gift card! If you're reading this, I have facebooked you a message asking for your address...please give it to me because I cannot drive to Japan and give it to you in person. Although that would be nice because I would get to see you and your whole family. Sorry this announcement is late...who would've thought we would get busy around Thanksgiving and Christmas?!