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Monday, October 4, 2010

~~~Give Away!~~~

Alright, it's Monday night. And as promised we have a surprise!!!! We are going to be doing a drawing for a $15 iTunes gift card. Who doesn't like free stuff?! I know what you're thinking, "How do I win this most amazing FREE perfect for anyone gift card?!" Well, don't fret. I will tell you! Become a follower of this blog and your name will get put into a drawing. If you are already a follower, your name is already in the "hat." Wow, you didn't have to do a single thing and you could possibly be the lucky winner of this life changing prize! Now, there are more ways to get your name into the pool and increase your chances! I know you're getting all excited now thinking of all the things you could do with this could take it to dinner, to a movie, or use it for all it's worth and kick it to the curb when your done with it like yesterday's trash. Whatever your heart desires. Come back to me now because I still haven't told you the other ways to win. Follow us on Twitter and your name gets entered again. Become friends with us on Facebook, and you guessed it, entered again. Post a comment on your facebook or Twitter and tag us in it and, OH YEAH, entered again! As you can see the opportunities are ENDLESS! Ok, one more chance...tell a friend...if they win TOO! So if Sally tells Cindy to become a follower and Cindy wins...we'll check with Cindy to see how she found out about us and when she says Sally...Sally gets one too! Isn't that amazing! Alright...ready? Set...GO! The drawing will be held on November 21st. Why such a random day? It is the day that all people should remember that's why!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Why you haven't heard from me this week...

We've been a little busy this week. Here's how the schedule went down..Saturday September 25th, I, Cake Lady, had to work my part time job as a Special Events Manager for the Saratoga Event Group. I arrived to The Dunwoody Farmhouse at 2:30 for the wedding that was to begin at 4:30. It was one CRAZY BRIDEZILLA! However, because I love everything that has anything to do with weddings, I handled her quite gracefully, even when she got out her measuring tape to make sure the tables were positioned properly. They were because she was kind enough to provide a layout that was to scale. I got home from the happiest day of her life at about 1:00 AM, in bed by 1:30, wake up at 7:00 AM with Baker Man to head off to South Carolina for the Culbertson family reunion. The Culbertsons are Baker Man's family on his dad's side. We had a great time with his brothers and sister!
This was actually the first time I was able to meet his oldest brother David. It was hard to get a picture of these five. They just couldn't stop making eachother laugh! We were unable to get a picture with Baker Man's Dad. Maybe we'll see him again soon. Drive home since I must work know...Bills. Monday evening drive down to the Cake Art Store. Tuesday-Work. Baker Man is working his second job tonight and must be there by 7:00 PM. He will get off at 3:00 AM home and in bed by 3:30 we hope. He wakes up at 6:00 to head off to the Fire Department. I have a day home with the kids. Thursday-Baker Man home from Fire Duty at 8:00 AM, I'm out the door to work. I get home at 4:30. He's out the door to work another shift in the ER. This time he gets off at 11:00 PM and we're both in bed by midnight. This might be the first time this week! Friday morning, up at 6:30 try to finish up a few cake details before the kids get up (did I mention we had several cakes this week?!), 8:30 AM- wake Baker Man, I'm out the door for work. 4:30 I'm home load the car deliver cake one. Eat dinner on the road, home in time to get the kids to bed and finish up the rest of the cake line up which is as follows:
Yuengling Wedding Cake - I didn't even know what Yuengling was. I had to Google it.
The Bride did want something that resembled a wedding cake in order to cut

There they are together.

Sesame Street Birthday Cake

Cake Trio - Happy 1st Birthday Mary Stewart!

The Cake Trio was inspired by the adorable napkins at her party.

That was it for this week. But here's what we forgot to update you on...
Lassiter High School Interact & Rotary International Club Cake
So there you have it it's time for us to take a week off...but we have a little something to surprise you all with. So make sure you stay TUNEd. There's a little hint there, although I don't expect any of you to get it. Check back Monday night to see what's going on at the Corner!