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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Remember to FLY!

Ok, my house is utter chaos. I feel like death run over by a Mack truck...twice. I keep thinking Proverbs 31. I need to be a Proverbs 31 woman, right NOW! My sister is my inspiration not to mention amazing. She started this thing called Fly Lady. Her thoughts, in my words, are: your house didn't KABOOM over night and therefore will not bippity boppity boo over night either. I can't do this in one day. Baby steps. Here we go. I did it. I shined my sink and swept my floor. Did I stop sneezing snot everywhere? No. But I will wake up to a clean kitchen. Yes! A little hug from Fly Lady :) However, before I leave the disaster I call a bedroom (I haven't gotten to that step yet) I will make my bed, even if my husband is still in it.

One week until Little Man's surgery. He keeps wanting to show everyone his tonsils...a little weird...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Least favorite thing to do...Title a blog

So...what's up?! Sometimes I feel like writing: Dear Diary because with only nine followers I think I'm writing to myself. of late :) The landfill cake was a huge success! For me, I was excited about it but wasn't sure how it would effect my life on the blogging scene. BOY I was wrong. We got more compliments on that cake than any other cake we've done. We got phone calls and emails about how cool it was. Apparently the hit of the conference. I guess people that spend their time thinking and dreaming landfills never thought it could be put in edible format. I only have pictures of the complete cake but am trying to get a hold of the pictures that were taken while we were making it. Even the engineer got his hands in the fun! He learned how to use rice krispie treats and fondant to make leachate tanks. Don't know what that is? I didn't either until I made a landfill cake. I learned more about landfills in that week than I ever thought possible. There has been talk about a next time and ways to improve the realistic factor. No we won't be putting real garbage in it but just a couple material changes.
On the life side of things...Little Man will be getting tonsils and adnoids out on April 27th. At his pre-op appointment the Dr. said, "Wow, he's got a set of tonsils doesn't he!" I'm thinking to myself...yeah, thus the surgery. I mean really. It's like when the dermo told me she'd never seen someone with so many moles. REALLY LADY!?! You just shouldn't say these things. Moving on. I'm going to try to make a menu for the week. At first I thought I would attempt a menu for the month...quickly realized I needed to snap back to reality. I can barely think of something for dinner tonight...what makes me think I am going to think of dinner for the rest of the month?!? Start small right?! Here's what I've got so far: Sunday...   ...   I think I'm doing pretty good don't you? Ummm, maybe I could use some help. Any input would be welcomed!
Aerial View of the Landfill Cake

Water Monitoring Well

The Flare and the Leachate Tanks

Complete Landfill, just from another angle (in case you needed it)
We just did another order of petit fours but forgot to take pictures. Shame on me, I know. Coming up next weekend...Magic themed cupcakes and another bustier cake although there was a request for a larger bust...hmmm