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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A New Beginning.

Katie and I are starting on a new adverture with more vam and vigor than we have had about anything in the past. As you guessed, its a cake making company. We have email addresses, websites, facebook accounts, and now a blog. This is something we want to cherish for a lifetime and share with our friends.

Katie and I got into this whole cake making thing as a challenge for our son's first birthday. We made him a little green frog cake. It turned out quite well, if I must say, and the public opinion of the cake was great.

We took the compliments in stride and didn't think much of it.... Until... Our neighbor had a request for a cake.
The request didn't seem too difficult at the time, she made it sound like all she wanted was a "publix cake" with a dog picture on it. Katie and I are not big fans of the "PC" look. Its not that we think they are cheap, they are fantastic cakes in fact, we just like things a little more 3D. I wish I had half the talent of some of the Publix cakes makers. I can't spell my own name with icing yet, muchless Happy 50th Birthday Tammie, Tim, John, And Edgar. With all that being said, we underwent a huge task. It kept us up for nights trying to figure out how to make a cake that looked like a dog. With no formal training, and without ever watching any of the Fam Cake shows, this is what we came up with. The body is cake, the head is cereal treats, and the legs are twinkies. We knew we were on to something...

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