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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cakes on board

Ok, so today the first time I had to deliver a cake by myself. Every little bump in the road made me pinch my cheeks (and not the ones that blush when you're embarrassed) a little bit harder than the last. I felt like I needed on of those "Baby on Board" signs only one that says Cakes on Board: Please Don't Ride My Tail. Anyways, I'm pretty sure it took me about 25 minutes to get from my house which is about one mile off the interstate down to the birthday party which was one mile off the next exit down from ours. It was maybe a total of 5 miles...25 minutes--5, I was driving slow. I'm sure Griffin thought I was crazy. Anywho, I've been so excited to post the pictures, so here it is...step by step (that makes me want to sing the theme song from that TV show. Step by step, day by day) Here is the GI JOE logo: The top is an image I foun online. The bottom is the one I made.

Now here is the top portion of the cake all carved up.

And here it is with the tracks and covered in fondant.

Now here it is with some of the details put on, such as the logos and "Happy Birthday" but it's still not quite done yet.

Here it is with all the final touches:
So, there you have it. A GI JOE army tank. We used a new technique on this one. We "painted" the tank to make it appear "dirty." It's kind of like when you play softball and you have a new pair of cleats...the first thing you do when you get out on the field is rub them in the dirt. When they look like their brand new, it makes you look like a rookie. Same with Army tanks I suppose. The cleaner they are...the easier the target. Ok maybe not, but for some reason that's what came to my mind. And after all, this is my blog. Thanks Christy for asking us to do this cake for you! It was so fun!

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