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Friday, August 28, 2009


Well...GI Joe is ready for battle! Or is it war? I'm not really sure which.

But before I continue I must make one correction from the post yesterday. I did not come up with the two peas in a pod all on my own. Actually Suzzy's sister came up with that as the theme for the shower.

Now that that's all cleared up...GI JOE. I can't post any pictures yet, just in case the person it's for is following...but it will be up tomorrow. Final touches have been made and I'm yet again a little sleepy. I will give details on the cake tomorrow after the picture gets posted.

On another note that is kind of related to the cake but not really. Yesterday while we were working on rolling out fondant and doing a few of the detail, Griffin really wanted to help. He is so good about watching and not touching anything, but this time he kept saying, "I do it Daddy." We couldn't resist so we gave him a small piece of fondant and he ran to his play kitchen (thank you Oma) and got his rolling pin. "Just like you do it," he told us. Cutest thing ever. He sat there for at least 10 minutes "I rollling fondant" he kept explaining. Now for any of you that know Griffin, 10 minutes is a long time. After we finished rolling fondant, we fed the kids as quickly as possible and made our way to the Braves game. Who would've thought the 50% chance of rain should've been 100% chance of flooding at Turner Stadium. We got there and waited in the car for a minute and then it stopped. How wonderful! We made our way into the stadium. This was Griffin's first time at a baseball game. He was amazed. That's a lot to take in for a two year old. We had awesome seats, thanks to PDQ Services. So, Chris took Griffin right next to the dugout to show him where all the baseball players sat. I guess since Griffin is so cute, one of the players tossed him a ball. It made his night. He held that ball through the entire game. And it just kept getting better. We all know, it is everyone dream to be on the big screen. Well, Griffin and Taylor made the cut. I mean, they were after all the cutest kids there ;) They were on the big screen waving and smiling. All we had to say is, "you see that camera that is right in your face (because he was literally, right there) wave to him." And they did just that. What a fun family night.

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