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Thursday, August 27, 2009

(Insert Wayne's World flashback intro here) Wee Ooo Wee Ooo

The next cake that was on the docket after the dog cake was Suzzy's baby shower cake. She is a really good friend of my wife, and our family. Such good friends in fact, we gave her one of my dogs. I wouldn't do that for just anyone. She was pregnant with twin boys at the time, and Katie really wanted to do something cute for her shower. Katie took the helm on this one, and came up with "two peas in a pod" theme. She wanted to make a cake that looked like there were two peas in a pod, not too far of a stretch from her original idea. (Sarcasim for those of you that don't know me.) We haven't had ANY experience with fondant, and thought this a good time to try it. I would like to add that when you are making a cake for someone special, trying new things will really make you an emotional basketcase. Not pointing fingers or saying names, but ---> Katie Hooker. We baked, what seemed to be, a million cakes for this one. I think this cake could have fed 9,000 people. We used Pyrex dishes for the little tykes heads, and a rectangle cake pan for the pod. We trimmed it down to make it kinda diamond shaped, and dirty iced it. For those of you that aren't in the know, dirty icing is the first layer of icing you put on a cake that prevents crumbs from getting into your final layer, also called a "crumb coat". We covered everything with the fondant and pieced it together. For our first time using fondant, I think we did a good job.

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