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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tiger Woods meets Medieval

We have officially completed the first course of Wilton Cakes Decorating and we have certificates to prove it. Now if I mess up I can't blame it on never being taught. So this weekend we had two cakes...a golf cake and a Midieval Castle. First Let me share with you about the golf cake. It was for a couple that was doing a joint birthday party with a coworker. All they said was, "Do you think you could do some type of golf ball?" Of course we were up to the challenge! So, Chris baked the cakes...and Before we knew if Thursday was here and the cake had to be done by Friday...and I knew it needed to be done before I left for work. Soooo, Thursday morning Chris left for work. It just so happened to be my day off, so I got busy. I made icing...LOTS of icing. I iced that bad boy and made sand dunes and before I knew it, it was 4:30, I hadn't showered and my mom was coming over to watch the kids so Chris and I could go to our last night of decorating 101. AWWWWW!!! The kids were down for a nap so I hit the showers! I had time to dry my hair and put some possibly clean clothes on. At this point the piles are starting to run together and I can't tell what's clean and what's to be washed or what might have recently turned into the dogs favorite place to rest her head. They didn't smell bad so I went with it. Chris got home, my mom got here, and so off we went. By the time we got in the car I realized...I haven't eaten anything all day! No wonder my stomach was screaming. So, Chris, being the wonderful husband that he is, was gracious enough to let me eat his supreme baja steak chalupa that my mom was gracious enough to bring us. Got to cake class, learned how to make sweet peas, got our certificates, came home, Chris went back to work (Thank you Neglia for working for him so he could get in touch with his feminine side), I put Griffin down (who somehow got out of bedtime), and got busy on the golf ball portion of the cake. Oh my goodness! I finished! And it was only 2:00 AM!! Here is the finished product...

Now, the story of the Castle Cake...
We got a call on Tuesday evening about doing a cake for a 13 year old girl's birthday. She wanted a castle. But not a princess castle she wanted a medieval/mystery castle. She was having a Murder Mystery themed birthday party and wanted the castle to be dark. On Wednesday I spoke with her mom and ironed out some details. Thursday I got the picture they the birthday girl had drawn up to show me what was in her head. So, Thursday when I was home making icing I was also baking cakes and making rice krispie treat towers for the castle. Friday evening, once I got home from picking up the kids after work, it was hammer down on some castle cake! When I spoke to the birthday girl she said she was thinking we could put some grass around the castle and maybe a bridge...and possibly some flags on and yellow. "Is that possible?" Sure! Why not?!?! So, we took her picture she sent me...and the ideas she told me and here's what we came up with...

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