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Sunday, October 18, 2009

"I Cannot Believe it"

When I was asked if i could make petit fours the answer was, "I've never done them before but I would be willing to try." Then I was asked for 100 of them. What in the world was I thinking?!?I googled tons of recipes, looked for youtube videos for a few "How To's" asked a couple "cake masters" (both of which said, "I won't do those, their too much trouble"). I started to get worried but the people on Youtube made it look so easy. So, Chris baked the first two sets. They came out perfectly! I was thinking things were going well. Then came time to ice the mini bites of goodness. So, you're supposed to mix the icing in a double broiler, constantly stirring to keep it from burning on the bottom. Don't forget it can't get too hot because it will burn and it must be warm enough to "melt" into itself. But none of the recipes gave a temperature of course. Just a "you better do it perfectly or you're screwed." Well, there was definitely a learning curve to these things. Then the next batch of baking for Christopher. These didn't go so well. And I'm starting to was to curse this icing! The baked 6 total batches. We only need about 3.3. If we had more time, I might have said, try baking one more batch. The things kept falling apart. Crumbs everywhere, lopsided mounds of mess! Finally I got 100 I was willing to let leave my kitchen with my name on it. By this time it's only 4:30 in the morning so I might just not be seeing clearly. Regardless, I don't have any more petit four energy left in my body. So, I bosed them up and stuck them in the fridge. Now the debate I go to sleep? Or just stay up? Oh, I'm staying up blogging because I keep telling myself "You have to please the fans." Yes, that's right, I tell myself that I have fans. And even if no one is reading least I make myself feel good about staying awake makng petit fours. So, will I ever do them again you ask...sure why not. There was so much more to this week that I need to fill everyone in on...but...I'm feeling as though this blog is getting a bit lengthy so to sum it up: Chris's niece asked us if we could do a cake for her and take it to S. Carolina (that's where his family lives), so, he made it and left this afternoon, I also did a cake for someone I work with. He wanted to surpris his wife with a cake and make it something she is passionate about. She is an artist, so I did a cake that looked like a paint pallet...spelling? I have no idea how to spell that. I will post picture later this week. Also, I wanted to make a correction to a post that Chris wrote...Linda, the one that recomended us to Kristen for her castle cake...has had our cake. Chris just didn't know because he wasn't there when she was able have a taste. Just wanted to clear things up :)

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