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Monday, October 5, 2009

Our first compliments from our first legit client.

We stay fairly busy, but until recently it has been for just friends. We had our first legit client when someone wanted a medieval castle for a "Medieval murder mystery" party, awesome concept by the way. We were referred to her from someone who hasn't even had one of our cakes, she had just seen our work! When we got the phone call, and made the cake, we had some serious butterflies. We delievered the cake, and the client's mom said she liked it a lot, and it was better than her "wildest dreams". To be honest, I didn't whole heartly believe her, I am my own worst critic. I would soon be proven wrong. Not only did the mother love our cake, but the daughter did also! She liked it so much, that she took time out of her busy work day to send us an email!! That is just awesome! I am so humbled by this whole experience. It really is something when you can be such a positive part of someones special day. Here is the email.

Hi Katie, the cake was AWESOME! The girls loved it and it was delicious. I gave out almost all the cards you left me so hopefully you will get some business from the party. We took some pics of Kristen with the cake and send them along later this week.

My youngest daughter has a b-day coming up in November so you can expect another order!!

Thanks again! Lynne

Wow. We are blessed, and very thankfull. Lynne, if you are reading this, thank you soo much for trusting total strangers with your daughters birthday cake! We will forever be blessed.

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