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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Latest and possibly our greatest...

No time for small talk. As you can all tell, I haven't been here much. So, here's what has been going down...

 Had another landfill cake. This one was modeled after Anderson Landfill in South Carolina and this cake had company logos.

This is the second baseball cake. The first one we did...the picture is stuck on Baker Man's phone. One day he'll upload it.
Fire Helmet Cake

Groom's cake at the wedding. Apparently Lunar in firefighter talk means MADAY, Firefighter in trouble. So, it was meant to be a joke that only the firemen would understand. Good times.

Other things we have been up to...Little Man had his first week of swim lessons and loved it. Baker Man's brother Luke got engaged while home from Iraq. Little Man will be in a wedding on the 26th and got fitted for his tux. What a handsome devil he will be! Baker Man is working like CRAZY. Cake Lady here is trying to stay sane...I think I'm doing a good job although Baker Man might disagree. Cousin Camp for the kiddos was a HUGE success. The grand finale video was done by Leak Productions and was a HUGE hit. We've already watched it five times and just got it last night. That's it for me. I'm ready for bed...early night for me maybe. POOH, I forgot I have laundry to finish...I'm trying to keep FLYing!

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