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Friday, July 16, 2010

Wedding Cake Marathon and then some

Ok, so last time I updated you all (all 12 of you - one of which is Baker Man) I was telling you about our first wedding cake fiasco. Well the week after that we had another wedding cake, the week after that we had a wedding cake, a groom's cake, and a birthday cake. Can we say exhausted?! Oh, I failed to mention, Baker Man and I did not take any time off for these. In fact, Baker Man is back to working his two jobs...

Mental side note: I just heard the toilet upstairs flush for the 5th time, pretty sure Little Man is trying to avoid sleep.

...And on top of him working his two jobs, I realized the triathlon I signed up for is less than a month away. Are you supposed to train for those? Pretty sure you are if you don't want to DIE! So, we've been playing our little game of tag-here's the kids-hand off and I've been waking up every morning Baker Man is home (which is only every third morning) and going running. I choose to listen to music so I can't hear myself breathing because I sound like a train trying to make its way up the side of Mount McKinley. I even created my own station on Pandora - Family Force Five - AWESOME!
Off that rant, here were the cakes...that didn't nose dive:
Beach Sea Shell Wedding Cake for Chris and Natasha Ginn

Chocolate Sea Shells

You might be wondering why I chose to put this picture on the blog...well, actually all of these pictures were done by Nathan Fowler Photography. See, the reception was indoors and was really dark. I couldn't seem to get a very good picture of it because I had to have my shutter speed to slow to allow enough light and I kept shaking. Plus I am by no means a professional photographer! He offered to send us the pictures of the cake. Uh, YEAH! Thank you Nathan!
Now the next is the wedding/groom/birthday cake week, so here goes:

Black and White Wedding cake for Mr. and Mrs. Bias, thus the 'B'

Castle Groom's Cake for Brett and Lori, thus the 'L' & 'B'

The letter/monogram emblems on these two cakes were taken off their invitation and wedding program, how did we do?

Baseball Cake - sorry the picture is a little side ways ... I was rushed ok. Don't judge me.

So, that's it in a nut shell...well, we actually did another cake this week but I had the camera at work and Baker Man took a picture with his phone...yet another picture lost in the abyss never to be seen again.

This is me signing out!

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  1. You are both doing a fabulous job with the Cake baking/Designing. Thank you so much for the Baseball Cake!!